Fiber Optica Splice Closure

Fiber Optica Splice Closure


Efficient cable connections between outside feeder cable and drop cable

GP01-H32-60F provides efficient cable connections between outside feeder cable and drop cable in front of FTTx service subscribers. GP01-H32-60F integrates fiber splicing,storage, cable connections and branch to the subscriber line in the closure. It has separated parts as splicing part and connection part. The reason of why GP01-H32-60F supports individual two parts, in case of subscriber line connection, can connect drop cables with feeder cable line without contact splicing part.






Size (WxDxH)

236 x 420 x 154 mm


Aerial & Poll mounting

Applicable temperature:-40℃~+90℃

Protection Grade

IP 66


Cable Entry

Main + Distribution:

3+3 entry ports available cable 8~11MM.
8+8 ports available drop cable.

Cable diameter (mm)

Main + Distribution: Φ 7~15

Drop(or Patch): 3mm


Capacity of core

5 x12=60 F (The tray can be used as 12F or 24F)

Splice tray

6 tray

Max. 24 fibers/ tray

Fiber radius of curvature:≥37.5mm


16 sets SC adapters max.



1 set 1;16 splitter or 2 sets 1:8 splitter or 2 sets 1:4 splitter