FTTH Fiber Optical Round Drop Cable For Optical Fiber Network

FTTH Fiber Optical Round Drop Cable For Optical Fiber Network


ftth fiber optical round drop cable for optical fiber network

FTTH Fiber Optical Round Drop Cable For Optical Fiber Network

ftth fiber optical round cable other called mini adss fiber drop cable is developed to transmit light single in last mile internet connections in fttx network line. Round ftth drop wire usually consist of one or more fiber cores, and protected by reinforced material to have appropriate physical attribute to be used during outdoor ftth line construction.


Key Features:


1. UV resistant HDPE outer shell, durable

2. Fiber cores protected by FRP rods, loose tube and jelly compound

3. Fiber core options: G652D, or G657 A1/A2

4. Apply in outdoor and indoor ftth line distribution

5. High flexibility, high tensile and crush load

6. Flame retardant protection

7. Fair price



Technical specification:




Product code


Product name

round ftth cable, reinforced by frp rods, 1 fiber

Loose tube material and diameter

PBT, 1.2(±0.2)mm

Strength member material and size

FRP rods, 0.8 mm

Fiber core options

G.652.D, G.657A1, G.657A2

Cable jacket color


Jacket material


Cable dimension,mm

4.0 (±0.2)

Short/long term tensile strength, N


Crush resistance short/long term, N/100mm


Application temperature, ℃



IEC-60794-1-2, ISO9001:2015


1000/2000 m per drum


ftth round cable is consists one fiber core, one Φ1.2mm loose tube with jelly compound, two Φ0.8mm FRP rods and HDPE outer sheath. Ftth fiber optic cable core can be selected by customers with G652D, or G657 A1/A2, and reinforced material provide superior mechanical load during fttx application. The cable sheath is made of UV proof HDPE and the inside of loose tube is filled of jelly compound to have appropriate water resistant capacity which will provide good protection to fiber core during various weather conditions.

Jera line is operating with ISO9001:2015, we care about our quality and after service. All jera ftth cable passed a series tests related to aerial ftth cable standard. Tests including tensile strength test, temperature cycling test, fire resistance test and etc.